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Mark Mathew Mankin Plantation - Sub-Manor of Deep Hole Farm

The link below will take you to an arial view of 5712 Ridgedale Dr., Woodbridge, VA 22193 the family burial lot on the grounds of what used to be Smithfield, the plantation which once belonged to Mark Mathew Mankin originally owned by his father-in law, John Wood in 1693 which passed down to Jane Wood, his wife. It is where Peter and Sarah Trone family's wooded graveyard is located on their portion of land, called Smithfield Plantation, a submanor of Deep Hole Farm purchased directly from Mark Mathew Mankin in 1791 in Prince William County,Virginia.

View Larger Map Link: Arial Photo of Trone Graveyard at Smithfield Plantation, a submanor of Deep Hole Farm

Port Tobacco, Maryland

Link: Port Tobacco, Maryland Topography Map

James Mankins Captured With Daniel Boone at the Battle of Blue Licks

Link: Battle of Blue Licks

Mankin Family Genealogy Forum

Link: Mankin Family Forum

Rev. Tubman - The History of Christ Church 1696

Link: Christ Church 1696

Thomas Chandler of Wiltshire, England b. 1681 m. Mary Mankin, Christiana, DE

Link: Thomas Chandler Ancestry

John Bracken Mankin buys Eagle Valley Ranch
J.B. Mankin bought the southern half of Eagle Valley Ranch from Mormon leader Brigham Young in 1851. This included the southern half of Eagle Valley, Nevada, and included a small ranch house. Mankins sold it in 1858 for $300 and "a few mustangs" to three men including Abraham Curry who turned the ranch house into a trading post and incorporated a town -- Carson City, Nevada. Within the year, the Comstock Lode is discovered just over the mountain eight miles away in 1859 -- the largest silver vein in the world - 7 miles long and 1/2 mile deep!

Link: History of Carson City, Nevada

National Maritime Museum: HMS Mankin

Link: HMS Mankin Cannonball Story

Ambrose London m. dau of John Cornish of Flatlands, Long Island related to John Calvert, Mary Stone, Col. Wm. Stone, Burgess?

Link: Ambrose London Geneology

Maryland Chronology

Link: Maryland Chronology

The Stone Family

Link: Stone Family

The granddaughter of Captain Mark Matthews Mankin

Link: Isemonger-French Family

Calvert Family

Link: Calvert Family History

Hollingsworth, Gregg, Wilkinson relatives of Richard Mankin d. 1708

Link: Descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth

John Mankins Flayed Alive by Indians: Was this 3-9-9-1-1-7 John Bracken Mankins jr., b. 13 December 1835?

Link: John Mankins' Death by Indians

Cornish of Wiltshire

Link: Walter Cornish of Tiverton, Devon, England

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