Hubert L. Mankin
In memory of
WW II Warrant Officer

Hubert Leon Mankin

1920 - 1990
in appreciation of his hard work, commitment to family,
and of course, his Mankin heritage.


Our Mankin history is a private matter, for humility is essential above all other traits. This is a website for father and son, mother and daughter, and cousins alone lest we be intolerable bores to others more humble. I am my father's son, and the information here is presented for your personal use for reasons he taught me. Enjoy what you can, and begin with the following old recollection at hand:

"It was very good, honourable, pleasant and profitable that every great noble, and gentleman of heritage, and especially men of great houses, [that they] put in remembrance and made chronicle of their house and surname; of their beginning and progress of their predecessors' lives, particularly of acts and deeds that they did in their time; what succession they had, with whome they were allied, and what was their end.

Sir Richard Maitland, circa 1650

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